Chesapeake Bay Charter Captain

fish4At Lucky Strike Fishing Charters we have the necessary experience and know-how to find you the best fish catches ever! Captain Steve Barko has been a veteran of the charter industry since 1988 .

His experience having had over a decade of experience as a mate for several premier captains native to Chesapeake Bay, Steve has the necessary experience and technical knowledge needed to help you get the best fish catches. His unrelenting passion for his work, right from the preparation to the guest anglers to figuring out where the biggest fish catches were likely to be, is the secret to his being a great captain. He has started from humble beginnings and it is only his experience, which has made him the captain of Lucky Strike Fishing Charters. Having served innumerable hours as required by a United States Coast Guard, captain Steve Barko now knows the waters in and around the Chesapeake Bay like the back of his hand! He knows exactly which waters will have the most abundant species of fish available.


Captain Steve Barko has a 50 ton masters. This special license is not owned by many captains and allows Steve to operate the Maryland charter boat ‘Taurus’ with up to 15 anglers. This extensive set of licenses does not come easy.

His Knowledge

Captain Steve Barko has been able to successfully leverage the immense wealth of knowledge he has while fishing the Chesapeake Bay,  Virginia Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Fish Species Found

Steve is able to catch a multitude of fish species ranging from the famous Rockfish (striped bass) to several other species like Croakers, flounder, Bluefish, Mackerel, Perch, Spot, Spadefish and many other species that are found in our waters. While some fish species are available through the entire year, some are seasonal fish and Steve will advise you when is the best time to fish.

Steve is a captain in a true sense of the word. He is passionate about his job and this passion is infectious. You will quickly get engrossed in the fishing charter challenges and the adventures of catching exotic species like the Rockfish.